Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Miscellany

Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Miscellany

England (United Kingdom) — Second quarter of the 11th century – middle of the 16th century

Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Miscellany

Ms. Cotton Tiberius B.V/1; Ms. Cotton Nero D.II British Library (London, United Kingdom)
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Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Miscellany

The Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Miscellany is a compendium compiled in southern England, possibly in Winchester, Wessex, or Oxford, ca. 1025–50. Originally, these texts consisted of lists of popes, Christ’s disciples, Roman emperors, high priests and bishops of Jerusalem, Anglo-Saxon kings, bishops and abbots of Glastonbury, extracts from the works of important figures such as Bede, and the Roman authors Pliny, Macrobius, and Cicero, a calendar, and a mappa mundi. One of the highlights of the Miscellany is known as the “Marvels of the East”, which describes 37 marvels in Latin and Old English including artful miniatures of double-headed serpents, camels, elephants, dragons, and blemmyae – headless men with faces imbedded in their torsos.


Alternative Titles
Angelsächsischer illustrierter Sammelband
Size / Format
88 + 314 folios / 25.0 × 21.0 cm
Second quarter of the 11th century – middle of the 16th century
Marvels of the East, Aratea, Periegesis, a Mappa Mundi and other astronomical and geographical texts; various chronicles
Facsimile Editions

#1 An Eleventh-century Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Miscellany

Commentary: 1 volume by Patrick McGurk
1 volume: Exact reproduction of the original document (extent, color and size) Reproduction of the entire original document as detailed as possible (scope, format, colors). The binding may not correspond to the original or current document binding.
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