Passionale Abbatissae Cunegundis

Passionale Abbatissae Cunegundis

Prague (Czech Republic) — 1313–1321

Passionale Abbatissae Cunegundis

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Passionale Abbatissae Cunegundis

The Passionale Abbatissae Cunegundis (English: Passional of Abbess Kunigunde) was created sometime between 1312 and 1321. It is named after its patron, the Benedictine Abbess Kunigunde of Bohemia, daughter of King Ottokar II of Bohemia. Considered to be a monument of Czech culture today, the manuscript is an anthology of various mystic treatises concerning the Passion, two of which were authored by the Czech Dominican friar Kolda of Koldice. The Prague canon and priest in St. George’s convent Beneš served as the scribe and possible illuminator of the manuscript, which is noteworthy inter alia for containing the oldest surviving depiction of the Bohemian coat of arms in color.


Alternative Titles
Pasional abatyse Kunhunty
Pasionál Přemyslovny Kunhuty
Size / Format
74 pages / 30.0 × 25.0 cm
Facsimile Editions

#1 Pasionál Přemyslovny Kunhuty = Passionale Abbatissae Cunegundis

Commentary: 1 volume
Language: Czech

Abstracts in French, German and Russian
1 volume: Exact reproduction of the original document (extent, color and size) Reproduction of the entire original document as detailed as possible (scope, format, colors). The binding may not correspond to the original or current document binding.
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