The Album Amicorum of Jacob Heyblocq

The Album Amicorum of Jacob Heyblocq Facsimile Edition

Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag — 1645-1678

The most personal memories of a great mind in 17th century Europe and documentation of his academic career in one: the Album amicorum of Jacob Heyblocq with poems, quotations, personal messages, and drawings

  1. Jacob Heyblocq (1623–1690) was a teacher and headmaster at the Latin School in Amsterdam

  2. His album amicorum was begun in 1645 and is considered to be the finest specimen of its kind

  3. Aside from being a personal memento, it served as a basic form credentials and a list of references

The Album Amicorum of Jacob Heyblocq

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The Album Amicorum of Jacob Heyblocq

An album amicorum, Latin for “book of friends” and sometimes referred to by the German Stammbuch, is an autograph book popular among students from Germany and the Low Countries that first appeared during the mid-16th century. It is rooted in a 15th century tradition whereby graduating students would have their personal bibles signed by classmates, instructors, and others whom they had encountered during their travels and studies. The signatures evolved to include poems and sketches, causing printers to add additional blank pages to bibles before creating small, ornate books consisting of only blank pages. These were not only works of a sentimental nature and in the case of academics, who continued to add to their books for years, they functioned crudely as credentials and a list of references. Begun in 1645, Jacob Heyblocq’s album amicorum is considered to be the finest of its kind due to the quantity and quality of its entries from contemporary scholars, writers, and artists. As a teacher and headmaster at the Latin School in Amsterdam, Heyblocq was active in Europe’s literary circles and rubbed elbows with the greatest minds of the 17th century.


Alternative Titles
Album amicorum van Jacobus Heyblocq
Jacob Heyblocqs vriendenboek
Size / Format
310 pp. / 9.2 × 15.3 cm
41 drawings, 2 engravings
Artist / School
Previous Owners
J. Kneppelhout
U.M. Kneppelhout-Van Braam

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Facsimile Editions

#1 The album amicorum of Jacob Heyblocq

Binding: Contemporary black leather binding with gold stamping
Commentary: 1 volume (189 pp.) by Kees Thomassen and Jan Albert Gruys
Language: English
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