Download Now: Our Big Spring Catalog 2023 with 50 Selected Facsimiles on Offer!

Just in time for Easter, we would like to present you with this year's spring catalog of 50 selected facsimiles that we have carefully compiled for you. Discover great masterpieces and small gems of book art as well as unique testimonies of history:

In our Spring Catalog 2023 you will find, among others, new publications such as the Vatican Aratea and Ulugh Beg's Book of the Constellations by Müller & Schindler or the Queen Mary Psalter by Quaternio as well as sought-after rarities such as the Codex Caesareus Upsaliensis, the Gospels of Henry the Lion or the Morgan Crusader's Bible on real parchment.

Discover book art from almost all periods and genres of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, including early treasures such as the Scroll Exultet and Beatus of Liébana - San Miguel de Escalada Codex, as well as splendid Ottonian codices in gold and purple, such as the Codex Aureus of Echternach or the Royal Prayer Book for Otto III.

Romanesque book art is represented, inter alia, by the intriguing St. Petersburg Bestiary, and the transition from Romanesque to Gothic can be traced in two precious manuscripts of the so-called "Zackenstil", the Mainz Gospels and the Hildesheim Golden Calendar. The artistry of the Gothic period can be marvelled at in some magnificent codices, including for example the Wenceslas Bible, the Corpus Apocalypse and the Paris Alexander Romance. In addition, masterpieces such as the Visconti Book of Hours or the Prayers of Repentance by Albrecht Glockendon for John II of Palatinate-Simmern bring the refined art of the Renaissance to life.

Also discover the Missale Hervoiae Ducis Spalatensis croatico-glagoliticum as a precious gem of Byzantine art as well as the Ashkenazic Darmstadt Pessach Haggadah - Codex Orientalis 8 being a magnificently illuminated example of Jewish book art.