You Should Know These 15 Things Before You Buy a Facsimile Edition

A facsimile (Latin: fac simile = “make it similar”) is the partial or complete reproduction of a historically valuable docummt. Over 1,700 facsimiles of medieval manuscripts have come onto the market in the last 100 years. Their prices range from a few hundred to many thousands of Euros, but how can you stay on top of things and find the "right" facsimile for yourself? We have developed the following guide for you, which summarizes concisely what you should pay attention to when buying facsimiles.

Here you will soon find our brief yet great guide to buying a facsimile and find out what you should look out for when shopping...

Our Great Guide to Buying Facsimiles!


1. Independent Advice

Why it matters who you buy from

2. The Best Price

When and where you can buy best 

3. New or Second Hand?

What you should consider with a pre-owned facsimile

4. The Year of Publication

How technology and rarity can impact

5. Is There a Previous Facsimile Edition?

If older facsimiles are already available

6. The Limitation

Limited editions from 10 to 3,000 copies worldwide

7. Luxury, Special or Exclusive Editions

When more than one version is available

8. Details

When even the smallest details count

9. Size and Weight

From the tiniest to the largest codices

10. The Paper Quality

How early papers, parchment and parchment differ

11. The Print Quality

From collotype printing to stochastic offset print

12. The Reproduction of Gold and Silver

Because not everything that glitters is gold

13. The Binding and the Cover

Hand-bound in real leather or mechanically in synthetic leather?

14. The Commentary

From the value of a key to the work

15. Your Personal Preferences

Because the bait must taste good to the fish, not the angler...

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