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Life and Miracles of St. Louis

France — ca. 1480

France's only saint to sit on the throne: 48 large and masterful miniatures concerning the life of King Louis the Saint

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Stammheim Missal

Hildesheim (Germany) — ca. 1170

Created in Hildesheim and still in perfect condition today: one of the most beautifully illuminated examples of Romanesque illumination in Germany

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Bible moralisée

Paris (France) — 1220-1230

God as the architect of the world with compass in hand: a unique masterpiece with 1,000 golden medallions that is not only famous for its opening miniature

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Briçonnet Book of Hours

Tours (France) — ca. 1485

Jean Poyer's masterpiece commissioned by the cardinal and finance minister of the French king: 25 splendid miniatures like panel paintings in one of the French Renaissance's finest books of hours

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The Armenian Bible

Edessa (Armenia) — 16th Century

Made in Edessa, as a gift for the consecration of a new pope in Rome: one of the few surviving examples of Armenian illumination

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Medical and Astrological Almanac

Upper Rhine (Germany) — ca. 1445

Health tips and nutritional advice from the 15th century: a colorfully illuminated calendar manuscript as a guide to everyday life in the Middle Ages

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Brandenburg Evangeliary

Magdeburg (Germany) — ca. 1210

Golden miniatures as a harbinger of the Gothic: a glowing gold and silver late-Romanesque manuscript in the "Channel Style" for the Brandenburg Cathedral treasury  

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Astronomia by Christianus Prolianus

Naples (Italy) — 1478

On behalf of Cardinal Giovanni d'Aragona: golden eclipses, Aristotle's 4-element doctrine, and references to the war between Naples and Florence in Christianus Prolianus' "Astronomia"

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Created at the magnificent court of King Wenceslaus IV in Prague: a fascinatingly illuminated astronomy and astrology manuscript in artistic perfection

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