Facsimile Editions: Masterpieces of Medicine

Richly illustrated and of particular importance for the history of science: medieval pharmacopoeias and herbals handed down ancient medical knowledge and formed the foundation from which the modern medicine of the Renaissance could begin. The ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs and the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases often found their way back to the European continent via the Arab world and North Africa, where they were widely disseminated. The most beautiful and important works of medieval medicine are assembled here.

Vienna Dioscorides

Created 1,500 years ago in Byzantium: the largest and most influential work of healing and botany in history

Istanbul (Turkey) — ca. 512

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Historia Plantarum

A magnificently illuminated gift from Gian Galeazzo Visconti to King Wenceslas: Ibn Butlan's large and richly illustrated medical encyclopedia

Milan (Italy) — End of the 14th century

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Abu´l Qasim Halaf ibn Abbas al-Zahraui – Chirurgia

A milestone in medicine with a multitude of vivid miniatures: the big textbook by the famous Arab doctor Abu l'Quasim

Southern Italy — 2nd half of the 14th century

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Medicina Antiqua

A medical manual for laypeople: self-treatment instructions for critics of conventional medieval medicine

Southern Italy, possibly in the circle of the Staufer court (Italy) — 1st half of the 13th century

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Codex of Medicine of Frederick II

A commission of the Staufer Emperor Frederick II: medieval medicine in more than 500 miniatures

Italy — 13th century

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Anatomia depicta

Large format and in color: a fascinating insight into the medicine of the 16th century with 71 realistic anatomical representations of the human body

Italy — 1565–1589

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Artzney Book of Christoph Wirsung

Splendidly bound and presented to the prince-electors of the Palatinate in 1571: the invaluable work of the gifted doctor and pharmacist Christoph Wirsung

Heidelberg (Germany) — 1568

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Tractatus de Herbis - Sloane 4016

With realistic plant illustrations on all 218 pages: a lexicon of medieval medicinal plants in the possession of the doctor and botanist Sir Hans Sloane

Italy — 1440

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Tacuinum Sanitatis

Intended for home use: a richly illuminated copy of the popular medical text by the Arab doctor Ibn Butlan

Vienna (Austria) — ca. 1490

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