Facsimile Editions: Our Insider Tips

With more than 1,200 different facsimiles of medieval manuscripts, you cannot know them all. Yet, we do! That is why you will find a selection of facsimiles here, which may not be the focus of the "normal" facsimile collector, but which you should still take a look at - it's worth it!

Rohan Hours

The beginning of a new era in illumination: masterful, full-page miniatures in an abundantly illuminated book of hours

Paris or Angers (France) — 1430–1435

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Leaves from a Psalter by William de Brailes

Created by one of the greatest masters of English illumination: seven parchment fragments of a lost masterpiece by William de Brailes

Oxford (United Kingdom) — ca. 1240

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Biblia Veteris Testamenti

Masterful, colored copperplates and woodcuts by Sebald Beham, the student of Albrecht Dürer illustrate each of the 400+ pages that illustrate this picture Bible

Frankfurt am Main (Germany) — 1551

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Anatomia depicta

Large format and in color: a fascinating insight into the medicine of the 16th century with 71 realistic anatomical representations of the human body

Italy — 1565–1589

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Ptolemy Atlas

Created at the behest of the King of Aragon: splendidly glowing maps and nautical charts according to Claudius Ptolemy decorated with gold

Naples (Italy) — 15th century

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Secretum Templi

With letters from Jacques de Molay and the Templar Rule: a unique collection of documents on the richest, most powerful, and mysterious order of knights in history

12th century – early 13th century

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Stuttgart Psalter

Each individual Psalm meticulously detailed and accurately illustrated: the most richly illuminated Psalter of the Carolingian era, which has survived to the present day

Scriptorium at St. Germain-des-Prés (Paris, France) — 820–830

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Life of the Virgin Mary

Created for King François I of France: the veneration of the Blessed Virgin in large and splendid Renaissance miniatures

France — 1548

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Holkham Bible

Each page illustrated: 231 scenes from the Old and New Testaments, embedded in the bustle and impressive architecture of medieval London

London (United Kindgom) — ca. 1327–1335

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Dead Sea Scrolls

The most important archaeological find of the 20th century: the famous scrolls with 2,000 years old texts from the Bible

West Bank — ca. 120 BC – AD 70

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Virgil: Bucolics, Georgics and Aeneid

Illuminated by various masters of book art: Virgil's three major works in a splendidly illustrated manuscript from the 15th century

Rome and Naples (Italy) — Between 1470–1499

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