Facsimile Editions: The Most Beautiful Apocalypses

Apocalyptic horsemen and seven-headed monsters: the Revelation of John produced some of the most astonishing and terrifying images of the Middle Ages. The cryptic imagery of the prophetic text inspired illuminators through the Renaissance and even into the modern era to produce creative and artistic cycles of images that bring the eschatological visions to life.

Bamberg Apocalypse

Possibly the greatest masterpiece from Reichenau Monastery, illuminated in gold and found today on the UNESCO World Heritage list: the only preserved apocalypse from the Ottonian period

Monastery of Reichenau (Germany) — Around 1000–1020

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Toulouse Apocalypse

More than 120 fantastic miniatures in gold and silver: Impressive images of the Anglo-Norman High Gothic to the famous end-time visions of John

France — 1220–1270

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Treves Apocalypse

With classically-modelled miniatures: one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most comprehensive codices of the Book of Revelation

Northern France (probably Tours) — Around 800

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Gulbenkian Apocalypse

Breathtakingly beautiful, golden miniatures for the Pope: one of the most beautiful English apocalypse manuscripts of the early Gothic period

London (United Kingdom) — 1265–1270

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Trinity Apocalypse

Created for a mysterious unknown patron: a major work of the English Gothic style with magnificent miniatures in shining gold

Northern France or England (United Kingdom) — 1242–1260

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Apocalypse of the Dukes of Savoy

Jean Colombe and the French Renaissance: one of the most beautiful and largest apocalypse manuscripts of the Middle Ages

Savoy (France) — Between 1428 and 1490

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Apocalypse of Lambeth Palace

Possibly created for a woman: magnificent miniatures on a golden background and vivid pen drawings for the Book of Revelation

London (United Kindgom) — 1260–1270

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Illuminated Apocalypse of Lyon

Illuminated and framed in gold by the Master of the Missal of Paul Beye: the wonders and horrors of the Apocalypse in gorgeous, full-page images

Cambraisis or Artois (France) — 1445–1450

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Apocalypse with Pictures by Albrecht Dürer

The Apocalypse incunabulum by Albrecht Dürer: one of the greatest artistic and financial successes of the artist of the century due to its impressive woodcuts

Nuremberg (Germany) — 1498

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Flemish Apocalypse

The impressive refinement of English Gothic Apocalypses: full-page and mysterious images of the approaching end times in the transition to the Renaissance

Flanders — 1400–1410

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Cambrai Apocalypse

Figures in classical robes and impressive architecture in 46 full-page miniatures: one of only four Carolingian Apocalypses that have survived to the present day

Cambrai (France) — End of 9th century

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Apocalypse of Lorraine

A Gothic Apocalypse in vernacular: a visually stunning masterpiece with 72 magnificent miniatures in silver and gold against lavishly patterned backgrounds

Metz (France) — First half of the 14th century

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Apocalypse of Valenciennes

Magnificently illuminated and a model for the famous Beatus manuscripts: one of the few surviving Apocalypse manuscripts from the Carolingian period

France or Germany — First quarter of the 9th century

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