Facsimile Editions: Masterpieces of the Renaissance

The Renaissance in the age of humanism is closely associated with scientific achievements in astronomy, geography, medicine, and other disciplines. These are also reflected in art, which was additionally influenced by new possibilities of perspective representation as well as an ideal of the body based on antiquity. This development originated in Italy in the 15th century, where some of the most artistic and magnificent book treasures of the Renaissance were created, the most beautiful works of which you will find here.

Prayer Book of Lorenzo de' Medici

Italian Renaissance art in filigree perfection: the wedding gift of Lorenzo the Magnificent to his eldest daughter Lucrezia

Florence (Italy) — 1485

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Bible of Borso d'Este

Each one of the 1,200 pages has been masterfully illuminated with incredible attention to detail: the grandiose climax of the Renaissance

Ferrara or Modena (Italy) — 1455–1461

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Ptolemy Atlas

Created at the behest of the King of Aragon: splendidly glowing maps and nautical charts according to Claudius Ptolemy decorated with gold

Naples (Italy) — 15th century

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Medici Aesop

A Greek textbook for the oldest son of Lorenzo de’ Medici: Aesop’s Fables in Renaissance imagery

Florence (Italy) — ca. 1480

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Torriani Book of Hours

For the Italian ancestors of the princes of Thurn and Taxis: a book treasure in a small format with a fascinating decorative cover

Milan (Italy) — 1490–1495

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Bible of Federico da Montefeltro

A huge, two-volume masterpiece with grandiose miniature paintings: the luxury Bible for one of the richest princes of the Italian Renaissance

Florence (Italy) — 1476–1478

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Dante Urbinate

Owned by the Renaissance prince Federico da Montefeltro: one of the finest illuminated editions of Dante's Divine Comedy

Italy — ca. 1480

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Book of Hours of Lorenzo de' Medici

3 daughters, 3 wedding gifts: one of three almost identical illuminated manuscripts that Lorenzo the Magnificent commissioned for his three daughters

Florence (Italy) — Before 1492

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Purple Passion of Fra Angelico

Created for the Medici, preserved today in two museums on two continents: masterly miniatures of the Dominican monk Fra Angelico on purple parchment

Florence (Italy) — Mid 15th century

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Book of Hours of Cardinal Carafa

Careful calligraphy, ornate initials, and perfect pastel-colored miniatures: a Renaissance masterpiece on purple parchment

Italy — 15th century

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Sforza Legendarium

Created for Galeazzo Maria Sforza, the bibliophile Duke of Milan: Renaissance life in biblical images by Cristoforo de Predis

Milan (Italy) — 1476

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Medici-Rothschild Hours

A masterpiece of the Renaissance: the wedding present from Lorenzo de’ Medici to his daughter Magdalena

Florence (Italy) — 1488

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De Sphaera

By Cristoforo de Predis, the painter of Sforza and Visconti: one of the most beautiful astrological works of Renaissance illumination

Milan (Italy) — ca. 1470

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