Rheinau Psalter

Rheinau Psalter

Area of Lake Constance (Austria/Switzerland) — Ca. 1260

Rheinau Psalter

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Rheinau Psalter

Among the numerous treasures of the Zurich Central Library, the Rheinau Psalter distinguishes itself as an artistic triumph of the High Gothic period utilizing a sophisticated color palette and pioneering artistic techniques such as the zackenstil or “jagged style”. Created ca. 1260, the manuscript features numerous saints who were venerated in the diocese of Constance. It was likely commissioned by someone in the area of Lake Constance, probably in the city of Constance itself, which was an important political and religious center at the time. The miniatures and historiated initials of the manuscript, some of which occupy an entire page, show elegant figures draped in highly stylized garments in elegant frames utilizing gold and silver leaf.


Alternative Titles
Rheinauer Psalter
Size / Format
398 pages / 27.5 × 18.5 cm
Ca. 1260

Available facsimile editions:
Quaternio Verlag Luzern – Lucerne, 2013
Facsimile Editions

#1 Der Rheinauer Psalter: Meisterwerk der Buchmalerei um 1260

Quaternio Verlag Luzern – Lucerne, 2013

Publisher: Quaternio Verlag Luzern – Lucerne, 2013
Commentary: 1 volume by Christoph Eggenberger and Marlis Stähli
Language: German
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