Bible of Nürnberg

Bible of Nürnberg

Nuremberg (Germany) — 1712

Bible of Nürnberg

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Bible of Nürnberg

A beautiful graphic work, a collaboration of Baroque masters: the Bible of Nürnberg. Printed in 1712 in Nuremberg, home of great artists like Albrecht Dürer, is features 260 full-page etchings with captions in Latin and German. The illustrations in the work originate from the hand of Johann Christoph Weigel, known as Christoph Weigel the Elder (1654– 1725) in collaboration with the Dutch engravers Jan and Caspar Luyken. The work is stored today in the Archdiocesan Collections of the Kalocsa Cathedral Library in Hungary.


Alternative Titles
Nürnberger Bibel
Bible of Nuremberg
Size / Format
264 pages / 41.6 × 29.4 cm
260 full-page engraved illustrations
Old and New Testament
Artist / School

Available facsimile editions:
Bible of Nürnberg – Cathedral Library of Kalocsa (Kalocsa, Hungary)
Pytheas Books – Budapest
Single Page

Bible of Nürnberg

Expulsion from Paradise

This Baroque masterpiece of engraving depicts the final episode from the Fall of Man, i.e. the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Having eaten the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, the first two humans are banished, and cherubim armed with flaming swords are set about the borders of Paradise to prevent them from returning to eat from the tree of life, and thus gain immortality.

One’s eyes are immediately drawn to the image of the angel armed with a sword that literally turns to flame and descending from Heaven in a burst of clouds and light. Both original humans are depicted in detail, and not only does Adam have a developed musculature, but Eve’s abdominal muscles are surprisingly well-defined as well.

Bible of Nürnberg
Facsimile Editions
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