Secretum Templi II

Secretum Templi II Facsimile Edition

France/Spain — 1308-1312

Original documents of the Knights Templar stolen in 1985: the unbroken fascination of the testimonies of the daily life, organization, and ceremonies of the Knights Templar, their persecution, and their absolution in Spain and Portugal

  1. The Knights Templar grew from 8 knights when they were founded in 1118 to nearly 20,000 members

  2. Their power and wealth attracted jealousy and suspicion, leading to their downfall in 1307

  3. Although these documents were stolen in 1985, the archivists fortunately made detailed copies on microfilm

Secretum Templi II

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Secretum Templi II

Founded in 1118 by a group of eight knights protecting pilgrims in the Holy Land, the Knights Templar or Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon grew in to one of the wealthiest, most powerful, and famous monastic military orders of the Middle Ages. At the height of their power they had nearly 20,000 members and controlled hundreds of castles and other properties. However, their downfall was just as spectacular when they became victims to a plot by King Philip IV of France and were tried for heresy and other trumped-up crimes in 1307. This collection of documents not only contains records of interrogations and other documents related to the trials of the Templars on the Iberian Peninsula and their eventual absolution, but also the Order’s Latin Rule, which addresses daily life, clothing, hierarchy, electing the Grand Master, how to camp, as well as the number of servants, horses, and squires to which each member was entitled. Unfortunately, these precious historical documents were stolen in 1985, but thankfully the archivists had the foresight to take extensive photos of them that were saved on microfilm, allowing for a facsimile to be made.


Alternative Titles
Secretum Templi II "Proceso contra los Templarios en España"
„Chinon Parchment" (1308), "Interrogation of the Templars" (Castile and Leon, 1310), "Interrogation of the Templars" (Catalonia, Kingdom of Aragon and Navarre, 1310) and the "Absolution of the Templars in Spain" (Kingdom of Aragon, 1312)

Available facsimile editions:
Secretum Templi II – Several Owners Facsimile Edition
Ediciones Grial – Valencia, 2013
Limited Edition: 700 copies
Facsimile Editions

#1 Secretum Templi II "Proceso contra los Templarios en España"

Ediciones Grial – Valencia, 2013

Publisher: Ediciones Grial – Valencia, 2013
Limited Edition: 700 copies
Commentary: 1 volume by Barbara Frale
Language: Spanish
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