The Court School of Lothar I (Collection)

The Court School of Lothar I (Collection) Facsimile Edition

Germany; France — First half of the 9th century

The political disintegration of the Frankish Empire – the flowering of illumination at the magnificent Court School of Aachen: a productive harmony of classical austerity and Insular playfulness

  1. Lothar I (795-855) was the eldest son of the Emperor Louis the Pious (778-840)

  2. Louis divided his inheritance among his sons, causing the empire to fracture among them

  3. Despite the political turmoil, Carolingian art continued to flourish in the 9th century

The Court School of Lothar I (Collection)

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The Court School of Lothar I (Collection)

Sometimes referred to as Lothair, Lothar I (795-855) was the eldest son of the Emperor Louis the Pious (778-840) and succeeded him to the imperial throne as a ruling as King of Italy and Middle Francia. However, the struggles between he and his two brothers, between whom their father had attempted to divide their inheritance equally, would result in the breakup of the Frankish Empire and lead to the development of modern France and Germany. Despite this turbulence, the Court School at Aachen continued to produce fine works of art during his reign. These include classically styled portraits, figures, and depictions of zodiac symbols and other constellations. Similarly, canon tables with artful columns connected by rounded arches are capped with classical column capitals. The influence of Insular illumination is evident in the initials and interlace decorations that adorn the text. This boxed set thus represents a fine sampling of the artistic traditions that were being maintained by the Carolingians even as they were tearing their own empire apart.


Alternative Titles
Die Hofschule Lothars I. (Sammlung)
Die Hofschule Kaiser Lothars
Einzelhandschriften aus Lotharingien
First half of the 9th century
Artist / School

Available facsimile editions:
Die Hofschule Kaiser Lothars Facsimile Edition
Deutscher Verlag für Kunstwissenschaft – Berlin, 1971
Facsimile Editions

#1 Die Hofschule Kaiser Lothars

Publisher: Deutscher Verlag für Kunstwissenschaft – Berlin, 1971
Binding: Leather and linen
Commentary: 1 volume
Language: German
1 volume: This facsimile is not complete. Collection of black and white reproductions under passe-partouts. The miniatures derive from several manuscripts commissioned by Emperor Lothar I. The collection belongs to the series "The Carolingian Miniatures".
Price Category: € (under 1,000€)
Edition available
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