Trobes dels Linages

Trobes dels Linages Facsimile Edition

Valencia (Spain) — 17th century

Nostalgia for the world of nobles and knights: a synopsis of salutations, troubadour poems, and questions of heraldry accompanied by wonderful watercolors

  1. This rare 17th century Valencian manuscript addresses the idea of nobility, traces various lineages, and explains heraldry

  2. Various titles and forms of address, heraldry, and troubadour poetry are explored in the text

  3. The breadth and accuracy of the author’s knowledge is matched by the splendid artistry of the artist’s watercolors

Trobes dels Linages

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Trobes dels Linages

The fascination with chivalry has long outlived the age of the armored knight, partly out of a sense of nostalgia for a time when noble warriors still dominated the battlefield. Coats of arms and other heraldic devices are a central aspect of our modern vision of a medieval knight and served not only as a means of identification but also a display of rank. Although it has roots in antiquity, the complicated system of heraldry was not developed until the High Middle Ages and continued to endure after armor was gradually abandoned in the course of the 17th century. Aside from being a heraldic encyclopedia and noble genealogy for the Kingdom of Valencia, this 17th century work is also a treatise on the idea of nobility and offers an introduction to troubadour poetry.

Trobes dels Linages

This rare 17th century manuscript from Valencia addresses the idea of nobility as well as tracing various lineages and explaining heraldry. Historians are unable to agree about the two possible authors of this truly noble book, but whoever they were, they possessed tremendous historical knowledge. The text, written either by Jaume Febrer or Jaume Esquerra, bears the full title Trobes que escrigue mosen Jaume Febrer cavaller dels linages dels nobles de la ciutat y reyne de Valencia and begins with a definition of nobility. He then systematically examines various titles and forms of address, as well as exploring heraldry, which is aided by graphic explanations of the meanings of the various components of a coat-of-arms, which are drawn in ink. This is followed by an alphabetical index of names and lineages associated with the conquest of the Kingdom of Valencia as well as an introduction to troubadour poetry. A thorough examination of the “A” section has revealed both the accuracy and breadth of the author’s knowledge. The lineages are adorned with a watercolor of their coat-of-arms and an eleven-line verse, supposedly at the suggestion of the Spanish Infante Don Pedro. This Early Modern manuscript represents a splendid look back into the noble history of the Kingdom of Valencia.


Alternative Titles
Trobes que Escrigue Mosen Jaume Febrer cavaller dels Linages dels Nobles de la Ciutat y Reyne de Valencia…
Size / Format
558 pages / 25.5 × 18.0 cm
17th century
Watercolors of the coats of arms of the Valencian nobility
Compilation of salutations, troubadour poems and texts on heraldry
Artist / School

Available facsimile editions:
Trobes dels Linages – Ms. 885 – Biblioteca General e Histórica de la Universidad (Valencia, Spain) Facsimile Edition
Vicent Garcia Editores – Valencia, 1990
Limited Edition: 6080 copies
Facsimile Editions

#1 Trobes dels Linages

Vicent Garcia Editores – Valencia, 1990

Publisher: Vicent Garcia Editores – Valencia, 1990
Limited Edition: 6080 copies
Binding: Parchment on wooden board. The facsimile edition comes in a presentation case with a metallic coat of arms.
Commentary: 1 volume by Vicente L. Simó Santonja
Language: Spanish
1 volume: Exact reproduction of the original document (extent, color and size) Reproduction of the entire original document as detailed as possible (scope, format, colors). The binding may not correspond to the original or current document binding. The facsimile edition was made of special paper, which replicates the original.
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Edition available
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