Artistic and Monumental Spain (Collection)

Artistic and Monumental Spain (Collection) – CM Editores – Biblioteca del Casino de Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)


Romantic landscapes, charming cityscapes and the most beautiful sights in Spain: medieval charm and 19th century wanderlust in an illustrated travelogue of three volumes

  1. 19th century advances in technology made travel faster and easier, leading to the proliferation of illustrated travel books

  2. Jenaro Pérez de Villamil (1807–54) and Patricio de la Escosura (1807–78) collaborated on the three-volume work

  3. This Romantic work depicts the landscapes, cityscapes, and grand interior spaces of medieval Spain

Artistic and Monumental Spain (Collection)

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Artistic and Monumental Spain (Collection)

This illustrated travelogue offers a unique glimpse into Spain’s cityscapes in all of their nostalgic medieval splendor. Created in the 19th century before the reforms that transformed most Spanish cities, it consists of 144 engravings of landscapes, cityscapes, and grand interior spaces. Most of the paintings are the work of Jenaro Pérez de Villaamil, a Spanish painter in the Romantic style specializing in landscapes with figures and architectural scenes. It is thus a wonderful specimen of Spanish architecture as well as an artifact of the explosion in travel made possible by the technological advances of the 19th century.

Artistic and Monumental Spain (Collection)

Illustrated travel books became popular during the Romantic movement of the 19th century, during which time travel became progressively safer, easier, and more accessible. The three-volume Artistic and Monumental Spain is the result of a collaboration between the Spaniards Jenaro Pérez de Villaamil (1807-54), a painter in the Romantic style specializing in landscapes and architectural depictions, and Patricio de la Escosura (1807-78), a politician, journalist, playwright, and author of the Romantic school. The work was published by the Parisian printing house of Veith and Hauser between 1842 and 1850. Altogether, it features 144 engravings, which make it a wonderful source for the history, art, and architecture of Spain. The work presents Spain as it was before the major reforms that transformed much of urban Spain in the course of the 19th century.

A Gorgeous Survey of Historic Spanish Architecture

Villaamil created most of the paintings and the resulting plates, which are signed “GP de Villaamil pinxit”, while other plates were made from original drawings by other artists. This Romantic work consists of beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and grand interior spaces with particular attention paid to the cities of Toledo (44 views) and Burgos (19 views) as well as other places in Castile, Aragon, Andalusia, the Basque country, Navarre, and Galicia. Rather than attempting a survey of all regions of Spain, the locations were more arbitrarily chosen for their aesthetic value and Romantic medieval charm. This is a marvelous survey of Spain’s gorgeous architectural heritage.


Alternative Titles
Espana Artistica y Moumental
Artistic and Monumental Spain (Collection)
144 lithographs
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Artistic and Monumental Spain (Collection) – CM Editores – Biblioteca del Casino de Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)
CM Editores – Salamanca
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CM Editores – Salamanca

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